Komuso Shakuhachi Workshop in Poland
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Komuso Shakuhachi Workshop in Poland

Komuso Shakuhachi Workshop in Poland


Instructor: Kogetsu Maekawa

Coordinators:   Hojun (Mugetsu) Szpunar

                         Marcin Zekalo


June 5 3pm Opening of the workshop

June 6 Classes: 9am - 4pm

June 7 Classes: 9am - 4pm

June 8 Closing of the workshop and the recital


The list of honkyoku covered during the workshop (depending on the number or participants, the level of advancement, the list can be modified)




1.                  Nezasaha Kinpuryu: Shirabe, Sagariha, Matsukaze

2.                  Futaiken: Sanya, Reibo

3.                  Echigo Myoan: Reibo




1.Fusaiji: Tamuke

2.Myoan: Kyorei




1.      Choshi

2.      Yamato Choshi



Participation in the workshop is free of charge (travel and accommodation expenses to be covered on your own).

Please bring your shakuhachi (1.8) and  music stand.

The notes for the workshop honkyoku will be provided, for free


During the workshop there also will be a chance for an individual instruction from the teacher.


For the participants a new CD by Kogetsu Maekawa  - a complete collection of Nezasaha Kinpuryu honkyoku.


In case of any questions and for further information please send an e-mail to Marcin: manufakturabambusaATgmail.com